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MARCH 2009

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"When we care for a child, we are caring for the world and its future


Parenting from the Inside Out...

Dear Monique, the impact of your course is amazing!  My eyes are wide open and I have wings.  I felt like I’d been sinking, but not anymore.  I have a new strength which has enabled me to make some big decisions whilst standing back emotionally.  I can start to be “me” again.  This course is not just for parents it is for humans to learn again how to be ‘in touch’.

Anonymous parent  

I found the workshop interesting, challenging and very helpful!  The activities were powerful and the art work was very revealing - I loved using crayons and symbols.  Monique was insightful and compassionate.  The manual was informative, the venue was beautiful and nurturing and the catering was brilliant.  The workshop gave me a sense of hopefulness and joyfulness in relation to the parenting journey.

Janet Tempest, parent of three

The highlight of the program for me was the Sandplay activity!!  I found the workshop very worthwhile, thought provoking and life changing.

Jacinta Wolens, parent

I found Monique to be very patient and I enjoyed being able to find my voice and to feel my emotions safely.  The workshop was very worthwhile and I would like to build on my knowledge and experiences.

Dr. Tania Morris, parent

This workshop taught me to continue to follow my heart and to TRUST!  Monique was very human, encouraging, empathic, honest and fantastic!  The activities encouraged me to think on a different level.  The manual was comprehensive - great to go back to.  I enjoyed the lack of rigidity in the program structure and the venue was very comfortable and welcoming.  I found this workshop INSPIRING!  It was great to be in a group environment with like minded individuals.                         Nicole Munt, parent

The highlight of this workshop was the insight and realisation gained about myself and how this has impacted upon me and my parenting.  I found this the most insightful and enlightening experience of my life.  Thank you for taking me on this journey of self discovery and education!

Wade Salmond, parent


After Workshop One of the Certificate in Expressive Therapies...

For me the workshop was worth every effort taken to be here in creative bliss & safety.  Monique is unique!  Such an inspiring and gently undertaken facilitation - trust, spirit, diversity, support, calm professionalism all carried in one person.                            Robyn Sheptooah, Family & Relationships Counsellor.

If only I had experienced this 15 years ago when I first tried psychology!!  This is fabulous!!  Monique is realistic, gentle and guiding.  I'm priviliged to have the opportunity to learn from you.                                          Cathy Lewis, School Based Youth Health Nurse.

This workshop was life changing and feels like the start of a new chapter for me.  I feel like I've come home.  Monique was very, very warm and full of wisdom.  She shared in a respectful & encouraging way that allowed for a good balance between professional and personal learning.                                              Anita Regan, Social Worker.

A safe environment to express.  A great way to re-connect to my inner wisdom that gets lost in the chaos of everyday life!  Monique was very knowledgeable about content and theory and process.  She has a soft, gentle manner that encourages self expression.                           Heather Coull, Counsellor/Case Worker.

This workshop was so personally rewarding that it felt like soul development rather than professional development.  Something I'm looking forward to sharing with and creating for my clients.  Monique makes this training engaging and her passion and enthusiasm for this process is infectious.                   Lisa O'Brien, Psychologist/Youth Support Co-ordinator.

Monique was very sensitive & professional.  She has a quiet presence - an intuition that flows with the needs of the group.                                           Vicki Goodsell, Psychologist/School Counsellor.


You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge.  But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your consciousness.

Eckart Tolle, A New Earth

What's on at INSIDE OUT for Parents...

Our very unique and empowering Parenting from the Inside Out and Discipline from the Inside Out workshops for parents have been given a make-over this season in order to meet your feedback regarding timeframes.  Instead of being offered as two 3-day workshops, they will now be combined together under the one name of Parenting from the Inside Out and be offered as three 2-day workshops. 



Parenting from the INSIDE OUT

Dates:  22nd & 23rd May; 19th & 20th June; 3rd & 4th July, 2009

The Parenting from the Inside Out series of three two-day workshops is designed for people who are serious about their parenting journey, and wish to connect authentically to their child/ren and to their own authentic selves.  The workshop is for parents who are committed to creating a family environment based on love, and who see the parenting journey as an opportunity for personal growth.

For more information, click here.   Check out our testimonials on the left of this page.

What's On at INSIDE OUT for Professionals...

We have a very busy training schedule this year for any professional that works with, supports, educates or cares for children or parents.  Please read on to see what professional development opportunities may support you in your role.

Certificate in Expressive Therapies

Next Workshop:  9th - 11th May    Early Bird due 9th April!!
This highly experiential course offers training in emotionally expressive methods and Inner-Life Skills that promote emotional integration, self-awareness, self-esteem and resilience in children and adolescents. Expressive Therapies (ET) methods are used with children from 6 to 19 years.  Research and supervision reports indicate that ET provides substantial long-term benefits such as an increase in resilience, self-motivation, increased attention span, less aggressive behaviour and a better sense of self.

The wide range of, often playful, activities ensure that both clients and counsellors have increased motivation to participate. The course provides a large number of new skills that enhance the creativity of counsellors, and provide a means of making deep contact with clients. Imagine you and your clients enjoying the counselling process, quickly forming empathic bonds, and working through challenges with ease.

See testimonials for trainees from our March workshop on left of page.

To download flier, click here. 

Teaching from the Inside Out - Supporting the Emotional & Behavioural Well-Being of Children & Adults in Educational & Child Care Settings

DATES: 14th - 15th; 21st - 22nd; 28th - 29th August, 2009
If you are a teaching or child care professional this series of three 2-day workshops offers creative guidance to unlock your natural teaching & caring wisdom, so you can:
* enhance two-way communication between you and your students,
* understand your students - from the inside out,
* enhance a secure attachment in the students you teach,
* increase cooperation,
* promote your student’s emotional well-being,
* be empowered in your professional care-taking or teaching role,
* teach from your own set of conscious values and beliefs, and
* make the student/teacher relationship more joyous and alive.
The workshops are both educational and experiential – they are a unique journey into participant's own wisdom, offering some time to connect within and with a small, supportive and like minded peer group whilst also providing an opportunity to discover unowned parts of self that can support the professional teaching and caring journey.
Click here for further information.
Parenting from the Inside Out TRAINING

DATES:  20th - 23rd October, 2009

Many requests from professionals to attend our unique parenting workshop has led to the development of our four day training program which offers professionals the tools to run Parenting from the Inside Out workshops with parents who would like to build a conscious parenting philosophy that will empower themselves as parents and promote their child's emotional well-being over a lifetime.

This 4-day course will teach you to use this unique and practical 3-day groupwork program for parents in schools, agencies, day care centres or private practice. Based on the theories and activities of Expressive Therapies, there is a particular focus on building self awareness, understanding how the past impacts on the present, developing empathy for one's child, creating a conscious parenting philosophy and understanding how stress and trauma impact the child.

For more information, click here.

Discipline from the Inside Out
DATES:  18th - 20th November, 2009 
PRE-REQUISITE:  Parenting from the Inside Out TRAINING
Discipline from the Inside Out is the sequel to the Parenting from the Inside Out Training.  It focusses on enhancing the behavioural well-being of children and parents.  Parenting from the Inside Out is the foundation and pre-requisite to this workshop.  It focusses largely on increasing children and parent's emotional well-being, the key building block to resiliency, successful peer relationships and learning potential.  

Discipline from the Inside Out is designed for professionals who want to offer guidance to families by using discipline that is based on relationship.  The workshop is for professionals who are committed to supporting the creation of family environments based on love, who believe that punishments and rewards just don't work and who are looking for a better way to support parents response to their child/ren.

The educational journey will cover the following topics:  The four styles of discipline; the connection between discipline styles and attachment styles; punitive vs non-punitive approaches; the ten principles of positive discipline; introduction to discipline through relationship - the seven key skills that enhance cooperation and mutual respect; and the process of conscious communication.

Working with experiential and creative modalities, participants will re-connect with their innate childhood wisdom, discovering answers to their discipline challenges from within, creating an opportunity for long lasting change.

For more information, click here.
Opportunities for Personal Development
Reclaiming Your Inner Child
Dates: 20th May - 24th June, 2009
This 5-week series of workshops are for adults who'd like to discover their inner family.  The Inner Child is a powerful presence.  It dwells at the core of our being. It's the part of us that feels emotions and is playful, intuitive and creative. Usually hidden under our grown-up personas, the Inner Child holds the key to intimacy in relationships, physical and emotional well-being, creativity for our lives and innate wisdom. This series of workshops will inspire a deep connection with your inner child - actually feeling it's emotions and capturing it's sense of wonder.  Through hands-on activities you will embrace your Vulnerable Child and your Angry Child, find the Nurturing Parent within you and discover the Creative & Magical Child that can bring forth wisdom to enhance your life and relationships.
For more information, click here.
Sandplay:  An Opportunity to Nurture Your Self
Dates:  29th July - 26th August, 2009

Do you want to give more time to your own personal development?  Do you want to do it in a creative, safe and empowering way?  Ever wondered what Sandplay Therapy is or how it works?  Well, wonder no more.   This series of five workshops is for any adult wanting to discover the benefits of Sandplay Therapy. In these workshops you will be able to engage in the Sandplay process, discover your creativity, give your unconscious a place to express, and discover more about yourself – all within a small group of like-minded individuals.

Sandplay Therapy provides:

  • a means of self-discovery, healing and integration
  • a transformation or redirection of blocked energy
  • access to the childhood world of imagination and play, re-awakening our own creative nature
  • a means by which adults, unable to articulate their feelings and experiences, can find expression and integration
  • safe entry into the deeper archetypal, mythic and transpersonal realms of the psyche
  • an activation of our natural, self-healing capacity
  • an opportunity for a creative non-rational experience, as a balance to society's overemphasis on the ego's intellect

Download Flier for more information.

Autumn... A time for releasing autumncard_MED.gif

Autumn is the time in which Nature's energies facilitate the process of letting go and for the planting of new seeds and endeavours.  This season is a time to determine new values and to make new decisions and goals.  The Autumn season is a time for shedding the old to prepare for the new, a time of transition.  Opportunities abound to make changes. Whatever seeds are sown in Autumn will come to fruition by the following fall.

Our world abounds with gifts in Autumn, take a walk with your child to gather a variety of seeds and coloured leaves.  The animals are very busy in autumn. It is time for migration and hibernation.  Here in the tropics we see a variety of birds arrive for our warm winters around this time each year.
Family rituals are reassuring to children.  The wisdom of nature makes perfect sense to our children's instincts.  I wish you joy as you reconnect to the seasonal rhythms whilst sharing this delight this with your children.



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